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Mission statement: To promote health and fitness by Providing competitive and affordable swimming program for Roosevelt Island youth and adults.


Our Goals and Objectives:

Personal and Physical Development
1. To provide an opportunity for youth on Roosevelt Island to engage in a wholesome, lifesaving, lifetime sport and recreational activity.
2. To promote physical fitness and encourage proper conditioning and health habits.
3. To provide opportunities for healthy social, emotional, and educational development, and to encourage peer and family participation.
4. To foster the development of high self-esteem and help cultivate a positive self-images.

Competitive Development

1. To promote the ideas of honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship and team loyalty.
2. To create an environment in which the desire for self-improvement and goal achievement motivates the individual to fully develop his or her natural abilities and help others do likewise.
3. To provide opportunities to learn the values of hard work, dedication, self-discipline, and perseverance.
4. To provide quality instruction, training, and competition at all peer and ability levels.
At RI Swimming,  we dedicated to provide affordable swim instruction to island residents of all ages. A second arm of our organization, the Marlins Swim Team, also provides an opportunity for qualified swimmers to participate in swim meets throughout the city and state. We strive to teach children to be successful swimmers through the mastery of aquatics as their self-confidence, concentration, and discipline improve.

Why Swim ? It is universally accepted by physicians and health experts that swimming is the ideal physical fitness for more people than any other sport: It helps develop muscle coordination and enhances proper skeletal growth and alignment in youths, and it helps adults develop better aerobic endurance; Swimming is a low-, or no-impact sport that enhances flexibility of the joints and relieves symptoms of arthritis and joint inflammation making it an ideal sport for seniors to participate in without fear of injury. For people who are overweight and feel unable to move freely enough to actively participate in weight-reducing sporting activities, the buoyancy of water gives them a rare and cherished opportunity to feel ‘as light as a feather’ and, within that environment to strive for fitness.



From a parent


Our family recently moved to Roosevelt Island and we saw an ad in the local newspaper about the Marlins Swim Club.
We were pleasantly surprised to see the size and the quality of swimming facilities the swim team has to offer. We signed up the same day.  The next day my son was practicing his strokes....
It has been a little over a year and we could not be happier with the club, kids and coaches.
Special thanks to the Board for putting together such an excellent program.
I started attending open swim times for adults and came to realize that swimming provides the best exercise there is !!!
                                - Wendy Ostroff.

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