Roosevelt Island Swimming proudly presents the following programs:


RI Marlins Swim Team at SportsPark

Swimmers generally 15 and older. This group comprises our most skilled and dedicated swimmers. They will be evaluated based on meet performance, practice will, and level of commitment. Mets-Nationals group training take place up to 10 times a week, and includes work-outs in a gym, once-a-week stroke correction and a nutrition plan.

Junior Olympics Seniors
Swimmers generally 14 and older. This training group is for our more advanced age group swimmers and our developing senior age swimmers. The Prep-Mets training group exposes each swimmer to a full training plan including but not limited to the following: aerobic training, dry land training, full swim meet schedule, racing strategy, individual and team goal setting skills, attendance requirements. The Junior Olympics groups trains 6 to 7 times per week.
Silvers Seniors

Swimmers generally 12 and older. At this level, practice begins learning towards aerobic workouts 60% with technique 40%. All aspects of competitive swimming are covered in this group from streamlining skill to workouts energy systems and strategies of events. This group practices up to 5 times a week.
Junior Olympics Youth
Swimmers in the 11-12 and 10 & under age groups who are completed in the four basic strokes at Stroke school and are ready to compete. This group is subdivided in several smaller groups based on meet performance, practice evaluation and level of commitment.

Marlins Stroke School
Swimmers 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12 age groups who are still working on all four strokes. The This group is subdivided in several smaller groups based on age. This an introductory level into competitive swimming and working on more practice commitment and discipline. Group is required to participate in at least two swim meets.

Heath Club
Swimmers 10 & Over who are taking swimming as a healty and regular physical activities purposes. These swimmers are not required to participate at the meets, however are obligated to work hard at the practices. This group swims 3 times a week.

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Learn-to-Swim Program at Sportspak
Advanced 1hr
This group is at the last step of being transferred to the Marlins Swim Team. They work on Breastroke, Butterfly and are able to swim correctly Freestyle and Backstroke. In the end of each month coach evaluates kids in order to determine whether some of them are ready to be transferred.

Intermediate 1hr
This group is completed the Beginner 2 level and ready for swimming at the deep side of the pool continue learning freestyle and backstroke. The group begins working on breast stroke skills.
Beginner 1 - 30 min
Objectives for this level are first of all safety skills, body position and alignment. Comfort putting face in the water without hesitation. Independent completion of basic skills like Streamline, Kicking, Floats.
Beginner 2 - 30 min
After completion of Beginner 1 level, kids are being transferred to this group. This group works on coordination of arms and legs movement, different drills for crawl style and backstroke. Build endurance of being able accomplishing 10 yards swim with no support and help.

Babies & Toddlers
This program is for ages 6 months to 3 years. Your child’s first step in learning to swim will be a fun experience with us. Our pool temperature ranges from 84 to 88 degrees, providing the comfortably warm temperature necessary for babies and toddlers. The 30-minute sessions are limited to 6 infants, all accompanied by an adult.
Coaches work on getting infants used to their new environment including balance and buoyancy and teaching parents the fundamentals skills they need to work with their children on their own.
Creative games are used to teach infants breath control along with big arm and leg movements. Coaches use floating mats, toys, and songs to ensure that this pivotal learning experience is fun. Parents learn the repetitive movements that become building blocks for the very near future.


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